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​FAQ. Frequently asked question

What is the World Financial Award? 

World Financial Award is a business award organization, which contains 4 major fields: Forex, insurance, banks and stock trading. The World Financial Award or WFINA reveals the best companies in listed fields. There differente nomination for each sector from customer relations to product quality 


Who can nominate? 

There are 4 types of companies who can be nominated for World Financial Awards - Forex brokers, banks, insurance companies and stock brokers. Both B2C and B2B service providers can submit the permanent application. 


How can I nominate? 

For nomination please visit our website:

or check the contact details 




Kensington, London W8 6SN

1st Floor, 239 Kensington High St,

United Kingdom


United Square, Singapore 307591

101 Thomson Rd, 06-01/06



​Manhattan, NY 10167

245 Park Ave 39th Floor

United States

What information is required? 

WFINA representative will ask you to provide following information: 

  1. Company BIO or brief history 

  2. Company logo

  3. Contact details of company representative 

Will I get the trophy? 

Yes, every winner will receive physical trophy (Crystal trophy) as well as digital files and publication on WFINA website

What are the exposure options? 

Exposure options are divided in digital and physical materials. Digital materials are -  award logos, official secured link to WFINA website, award certificate with secure code, publications on our website. Crystal trophy and printed marketing materials are physical ones. 

How many companies will take part? 

There are no limitations, however WFINA has a limited number of winners, nominations are unique and can be delivered to one company only.

Forex Brokers Award

Banking Award

Insurance Award

Stock Brokers Award

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