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  • TD Ameritrade

    TD Ameritrade TD Ameritrade is a broker that offers an electronic trading platform for the trade of financial assets including common stocks, preferred stocks, futures contracts, exchange-traded funds, options, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, and fixed income investments. It also provides margin lending, and cash management services.

  • Brokereo

    Brokereo Brokereo is the online broker of a new generation. Creating a new trading reality, we redefine the concepts of excellence. Rapid price hikes, numerous trades, 300+ CFDs on assets, complex analytical instruments – take over the unstable world of trading with a regulated broker by your side. Plan your way to the top. Give in to the trading thrill. Take advantage of the best trading opportunities.

  • TradeUltra

    TradeUltra TradeUltra is a leading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) trading platform provider comprising of a team of experienced professionals with a passion for the financial markets and a commitment to delivering exceptional trading experiences to our clients. Established in 2013, we operate as an STP broker, prioritizing compliance, transparency, and fund security. We hold licenses from the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius and the Labuan Financial Services Authority of Malaysia and have implemented measures such as segregation of funds, risk management, and client fund protection to ensure the security of our clients' investments. We offer a comprehensive range of financial instruments, including FX, indices, equities, cryptos, energy, and commodities, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships with industry-leading providers to offer innovative and diversified trading solutions. Our user-centric platform and new sleek app, along with the popular MT5 platform, offer a seamless trading experience for both novice & experienced traders, and portfolio managers, with advanced technology and market-leading features for optimized performance. At TradeUltra, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer support and have received high ratings on Trustpilot for our transparency, reliability, and commitment to our clients. We also provide comprehensive referral programs for all business models and institutional offerings, such as white label packages, liquidity provision, and API integrations, to help our clients grow their businesses.

  • FAQ | World Fin Award

    ​FAQ. Frequently asked question What is the World Financial Award? World Financial Award is a business award organization, which contains 4 major fields: Forex, insurance, banks and stock trading. The World Financial Award or WFINA reveals the best companies in listed fields. There differente nomination for each sector from customer relations to product quality Who can nominate? There are 4 types of companies who can be nominated for World Financial Awards - Forex brokers, banks, insurance companies and stock brokers. Both B2C and B2B service providers can submit the permanent application. How can I nominate? For nomination please visit our website: or check the contact details Phone +447441425097 Kensington, London W8 6SN 1st Floor, 239 Kensington High St, United Kingdom United Square, Singapore 307591 101 Thomson Rd, 06-01/06 Singapore ​Manhattan, NY 10167 245 Park Ave 39th Floor United States What information is required? WFINA representative will ask you to provide following information: Company BIO or brief history Company logo Contact details of company representative Will I get the trophy? Yes, every winner will receive physical trophy (Crystal trophy) as well as digital files and publication on WFINA website ​ What are the exposure options? Exposure options are divided in digital and physical materials. Digital materials are - award logos, official secured link to WFINA website, award certificate with secure code, publications on our website. Crystal trophy and printed marketing materials are physical ones. ​ How many companies will take part? There are no limitations, however WFINA has a limited number of winners, nominations are unique and can be delivered to one company only. Forex Brokers Award Winners Banking Award Winners Insurance Award Winners Stock Brokers Award Winners

  • Downloads | World Fin Award

    World Financial Award Brochure World Financial Award logo ​ Forex Brokers Award Winners Banking Award Winners Insurance Award Winners Stock Brokers Award Winners

  • Traders Union

    Traders Union Traders Union is an informational portal offering unique content and some interesting perks for traders and investors. Established in 2010, the website’s community has grown to more than 300,000 registered users over the years. The mission of Traders Union is to provide traders and investors with quality information about financial markets, truthful reviews and education, as well as tools to achieve better trading results. The main conditions for getting additional benefits and cash back from Traders Union include registration on the TU’s website and signing up with brokers using TU’s referral

  • Gold Copytrade

    Gold Copytrade

  • HTH Travel Insurance

    HTH Travel Insurance Founded in 1997, Worldwide Insurance Services (WIS) helps global travelers and expatriates to identify, access and pay for healthcare, all around the world. Based on state of issuance and the plan selected, WIS offers HTH Worldwide travel medical and/or trip cancellation plans. WIS applies its experience to bring innovative healthcare services and insurance to international travel, expatriate living, study and commerce. Each year more than 700,000 leisure, expatriate, missionary, maritime, educational and business travelers are served by WIS. Our programs combine the most comprehensive insurance with local health information, security profiles and assistance services. Members enjoy access to our elite community of contracted physicians in more than 180 countries, our interactive translation guides for pharmaceuticals and common medical terms and phrases, featured articles on dozens of travel-health topics and up-to-date health and security news.

  • Saqs Investment

    Saqs Investment

  • Ceremony | World Fin Award

    **Announcement: World Financial Award Ceremony 2023 in Cyprus** ​ We are delighted to announce the much-awaited World Financial Award Ceremony 2023, set to take place in the beautiful island nation of Cyprus in December 2023. The exact date and venue will be revealed soon, so stay tuned for further updates! Hosted by the esteemed organization, World Financial Award (WFA), this prestigious event aims to recognize and celebrate excellence in the global financial markets. The ceremony will honor outstanding participants from various sectors, including banks, Forex brokers, stock brokers, and insurance companies, who have demonstrated exceptional performance and innovation in the financial industry. ​ Event Highlights: - Distinguished Keynote Speakers: Leading financial experts and industry professionals will share their insights on current market trends and future prospects. - Networking Opportunities: A platform for participants to connect with peers, forge new partnerships, and explore potential collaborations. - Awards Presentation: The event will culminate in the grand awards ceremony, where deserving individuals and institutions will be presented with the coveted World Financial Awards. ​ About World Financial Award: World Financial Award ( is a globally renowned organization committed to acknowledging outstanding achievements in the financial markets. Through a rigorous evaluation process, the WFA identifies exemplary institutions and professionals who have made significant contributions to the financial sector's growth and development. ​ Who Should Attend: - Financial Institutions: Banks, both commercial and investment, that have excelled in providing exceptional services and innovative products to their customers. - Forex Brokers: Companies that have demonstrated excellence in foreign exchange trading and exceptional support for their clients. - Stock Brokers: Outstanding brokers who have consistently delivered remarkable performance and facilitated seamless stock market transactions. - Insurance Companies: Insurers who have shown exceptional commitment to their clients' needs, offering reliable and comprehensive coverage. ​ Participation and Nominations: Financial institutions and professionals eligible for participation will receive invitations and nomination guidelines from the World Financial Award. The selection process will be rigorous and impartial, adhering to strict evaluation criteria. ​ The World Financial Award Ceremony promises to be an unforgettable evening, bringing together some of the brightest minds and institutions in the financial industry. It will serve as a platform to celebrate successes, inspire innovation, and foster collaboration. ​ Save the date and be part of this momentous event! Further updates regarding the date, venue, and registration will be communicated through our official website and other communication channels. ​ For more information, sponsorship opportunities, or media inquiries, please visit or contact us at i ​ Join us in Cyprus for an evening of celebration and recognition at the World Financial Award Ceremony 2023! ​ Activities Submit An error occurred. Try again later Your content has been submitted Forex Brokers Award Winners Banking Award Winners Insurance Award Winners Stock Brokers Award Winners

  • IS6FX

    IS6FX IS6FX is a Forex broker established in 2017 to provide the best financial services to investors around the world. We strive to be a company that continues to evolve, that maintains your trust and that is sincerely conscious of the investor needs. IS6FX will continue to provide the best financial services to people all over the world, and aim to be an evolving global financial services provider Our mission is to create an investment environment that can make you smile as well as make you feel easy and comfortable. The future that IS6FX aims for 62% of the world, 54% of developing countries, and about half of the world's population do not have bank accounts. However, financial services are now evolving to the point where the term fintech is coined with the advancement of financial technology. IS6FX wants to improve security with the progress of financial technology and create a future where even people who couldn't open a bank account can now easily invest and micro-invest. The first step for IS6FX is to become a global financial services provider. 10 action policies IS6FX promises with "10 action policies" to grasp all the needs of customers and improve the service every day. 1. Customer satisfaction: we aim to improve customer satisfaction by improving the services we provide. 2. Speed deposit/withdrawal process: we aim to be the fastest in terms of speed by providing a safe and easy-to-use deposit and withdrawal method. 3. Compliance with corporate ethics: we won't violate the law and ethics. 4. Security and conservation of funds: we will keep your funds safe in the best possible environment. 5. Security: we protect your personal information with a thorough system management. 6. Improved usability: we provide services that can be used with ease and simplicity. 7. 24/7 support: we accept inquiries through email, chat, and LINE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also aim for a response time of less than a day. 8. Language support: we will establish an operational system that can respond immediately in any language. 9. Latest technology introduction: we aim to introduce the latest technology with constant research and development. 10. Evolution and change: we will continue to adjust to the fast-evolving fintech industry's changes. 6 Benefits of Trading with IS6FX IS6FX provides an environment where all traders, from beginners to advanced users, can use it comfortably with peace of mind. In addition, we are constantly aiming to further improve our services to gain and cement trust from traders as well as exceed their expectations. 1. Leverage of 1,000 times: we offer the industry's highest level of leverage of 1,000 times. The higher the leverage, the less money you need to start trading. 2. Uses zero cut system: even if a sudden change in the market causes a loss of more than the margin, IS6FX will absorb the negative amount. Since there is no loss beyond the margin, you can trade with confidence. 3. Achieve stable contracting ability: by increasing the server processing capacity, we provide stable and fastest contracting ability. We aim to achieve zero contract refusal with collaboration with numerous financial institutions 4. Extensive bonus campaigns: weekly campaign to earn bonuses that can be used as margin. By combining high leverage and bonuses, you can trade with low risk. 5. 31 currency pairs: IS6FX offers 31 currency pairs. We handle not only major currency pairs but also minor exotic currencies. 6. Uses MetaTrader4 (MT4): we use "Meta Trader 4", the most widely used trading platform in the world. You can trade from your PC, smartphone, or web browser with IS6FX.We provide a positive trading experience "quickly, anytime, anywhere". Benefits of trading precious metals with IS6FX Precious metal, especially Gold has been known for its existence since ancient times and has been prized mainly as a jewelry item. The value has been recognized by humankind since the dawn of history, and it continues to maintain its value even in an unstable modern society as a safe asset. 1. IS6FX offers gold and silver trading. 2. Able to trade with 1,000:1 leverage 3. Achieve the fastest contracting ability 4. Uses MetaTrader4 5. Able to trade with the same account as Forex The advantage of trading of Stock market index at IS6FX In IS6FX, Tokyo and New York, and London, the stock index CFD the stock exchange in the world is calculated, in the same account and platform and FX trading, you can dealings. NASDAQ, JP225, UK100, we handle a typical seven types of stock index such as the DAX. The characteristics of stock index If you are satisfied with the economic price rises, prices if bad economy will tend to decline. 1. Easy access to the world's stock markets 2. It can be a good deal of capital efficiency 3. Uses MetaTrader4 4. Able to trade with the same account as Forex The advantage of trading Energy at IS6FX In IS6FX, most liquid crude oil (energy), as well as FX and stock index, can be traded in the same account and platform. We handle two types of energy of WTI crude oil and Puerto crude oil. Energy Toshima Hite features of, located in the volatility of the high price. Growth and political factors in the world economy, environmental factors will reflect the impact on the price. 1. The next day settlement (overnight) None 2. It can be high volatility rate of return transactions 3. Uses MetaTrader4 4. Able to trade with the same account as Forex

  • About us | World Fin Award

    About us The World Financial Award is recognized by a number of financial organizations, regulators, and non-governmental organizations. Which makes our award one of the most powerful parts of your PR and Marketing strategy. Having the World Financial Award is a strong motivation for your employees, the pride of the brand increases their productivity and engagement with the company. Award also gives dominative position against your competitors. The World Financial Award is one of the most renowned honors an organization can get, just as one of the world's biggest cross-industry, cross fringe business rivalries. Since 2007, we've been remunerating the pioneers, the examples of overcoming adversity, and the moral business people of European business. Not on the grounds that we think it'd be acceptable to give them a congratulatory gesture, a prize. The honors exist since we really accept that business has a vital task to carry out in handling the significant issues looked at by Europe and the world; Unemployment, Climate change, Ongoing clashes, Widespread neediness. What makes the World Financial Award different? Clearly, there is a solid competition for our Awards – they wouldn't merit winning without it. There's additionally a heartiness and straightforwardness to making a decision about the cycle that implies each participant realizes they will be evaluated simply on legitimacy. But at the same time, there's quite a lot more; we attempt to research, run graduated class gatherings, meetings, and online courses that give our locale a wide range of occasions to meet and connect, think and offer. The organizations we draw in and perceive are monetarily fruitful. They comprehend that with the status and force they have comes duty. To look past their own work areas, anterooms, office squares, and nearby networks and have any kind of effect on society on a global level. The World Financial Award (Banking award, Forex broker awards, Insurance awards, Stockbroker awards) brings these similarly invested associations together, giving pioneers from various enterprises an interesting occasion to work together, learn, share and tackle significant difficulties. When else might you be able to get the movers and shakers from drugs and designing, style and transport under a similar rooftop, let be around a similar table! To enroll in the 2020 program, fill out the form here. ​ Important: If you have just enlisted for the 2020 Awards, you don't have to do anything, an individual from (Banking award, Forex broker awards, Insurance awards, Stockbroker awards) our examination group will be in contact with more data once the 2020 Awards are authoritatively open. Forex Brokers Award Winners Banking Award Winners Insurance Award Winners Stock Brokers Award Winners

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